Something new

One thing I love about my job is that I never stop learning and doing new things.  At the moment I am learning to use a new type of foot on my sewing machine.

Loads of you have been asking for waterproof coats and my wonderful new supplier has come up with some fabric that I can use on my normal sewing machine.

the posh dog clothing company waterproof coats

The red / green paw print fabric is the waterproof bit for the outside of the coat – it is a heavy weight cotton with a bonded plastic underside – then I am going to line them with a lovely bit of soft fleece.


I have never worked with this sort of fabric before – and I wanted to ad a small hem just so that the coat will wear well and stay neat.  After a couple of experiments I had a brainwave – use a rolled hem foot!  Huge luck – there are a couple in a huge set I bought ages ago – and they actually fit properly – and allow space for the needle (which normally they don’t).  So – here we go – learning a new technique.

the posh dog clothing company waterproof coats

It is going to take me a bit of practice getting round the front arm corners – but it is much neater than the other ways I have tried.

I hope to have a couple of samples ready to try out next week – so keep an eye out.




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