sew – sew – sew

I have got this old girl going – needs a little bit of work on it!

the posh dog sewing machineI have been after a spare sewing machine for the summer house so I can start experimenting on waterproof clothing – and I was so thrilled when my old Aunt’s / mum’s machine turned up out duing the attic clearout.
I have got it going – jeeps – needs a good service – the smell of old oil – yuk.  I havn’t finally dated it yet – but these were made between 1960 – 65 as the first domestic machine will a full set of pre-programmed stitch patterns.

the posh dog clothing company sewing machine

You lift the flap at the top and there is a huge selections of stitches and techniques that the machine can do – it all done with the 2 sliding leavers that are on the machine arm.

You adjust the stitch length with the long downward leaver on the right – and change the stitch direction by moving the leaver up.  It is so weird to go back to having to move a leaver to do something rather than seeing a screen and pushing a button – I had forgotten that the needle does not always finish up in the same place and you have to ‘joggle’ it.

I want to give the machine a good old clean out to get rid of all the old oil and reoil it – and I want to have the foot pedal / power cable rewired – I have a few samples of waterproof fabrics on order from my favourate shop – and then I can start to work  on some patterns for waterproof – coats – capes – – onesies???



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