William has a b-a-t-h

You have to spell it – he is TERIFIED of the ‘B’ word.

The mutt that you can’t keep out of the river – swims across the reservior because it’s there – and can’t keep out of the sea because he soooo loves to body surf – – is totally terified of having a bath.

Well – we braved it – wills-wildwashwe had a bath with the wildwash Sensitive shampoo.

He looks amazing – fluffy and curly teady bear coat.  It does not have a stong smell – he just smells clean.  It has a decent amount of foam – but not too much – and it washed out of his coat much more easily then commercial shampoo.

I have handed out several samples now – and the responce has been very positive.

I have the paw balm too – waiting for the sample jars to arrive before I can give out samples but I will let you know when they are available.

I love that it is handmade – not processed – here in the UK – using all natural ingredients – certified organic – and we are the only stockest in the North West.

SHOP NOW online – or drop into the shop

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