New knitting patterns for you to work

I love to share – and I have finally finished my latest knitting pattern instructions – so that you can knit a Posh Dog design for yourself.

So – here is the latest pattern – the chunky raised chain links . . .
– a great pattern that has a raised texture chain link over a plain background with a contrast button up underbody and roll neck collar.
the posh dog clothing company raised chain link pattern






That makes 3 new jumper patterns I have written this year – WOOO HOOO

I had hoped to finish the Father Christmas suit that I started work on last year – I may get a bit more work done on it – but there is  no  way I can get all the sizes worked out and tested before Christmas.  It takes me 3 or 4 months to produce a pattern with 4 different sizes for you.

If you want the pattern (and the others) – they are available as downloads in the Posh Dog shop – if you prefer a written – or emailed copy just ask – we can do that too

Hay – we can do anything!!!!!


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