the-posh-dog-clothing-company-cotton-bandanna-76There will be a bit of a limited choice to specific Halloween patterns this year – there is just not much about!  I was chatting to one of my suppliers last week and it’s not me – they just have no produced much in 100% cotton.

Aparently – the manufactors have gone for much more poly cotton this year – which is no good for us!  I only ever use the 100% cotton because it take much more wear and washes much better – there is a bit of difference in the prices – but I think it’s worth the little extra cost for something that will do the job we want it too.

I have managed to gather several more general skull / sugar skulls / gothic skuls.

So – bottom line – I am adding what I have the next couple of weeks – so grab them while you can – there really won’t be any more this year



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