Big News!!!!

Appoligies that I have been very quiet on line for a couple of weeks.  The trouble with being the only puppy in basket is that I have to do everything for myself – from the grotty cleaning – to the super fun buying – all the web work – and all the making too!

So I have been super busy in the background sorting something out – and I have GREAT news.  The Posh Dog Clothing Company now has another outlet where you can buy the faboulus jumpers, coats and toys.

I am so excited – this is such a cute little shop on the north east coast in a lovely seaside town.  It looks really pretty and Lisa is so welcoming and helpful.  The shop stocks a great selection of craft wares – I am just hoping that they like my dog stuff too!

Craft Magic
4 Dundas street west
Saltburn by the sea
TS12 1BL

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