Billy is not happy

Poor little Billy – he is a very unhappy doggie!!

He has had his new belly band for – what – 3 – 4 weeks – and he can’t get it off!


billy band 2He used to get his old one off – he had it down to  fine art his mum says – That’s fettled him then!

His mum is so pleased with the result – no more scenting.  It’s not that he has an incontenance problem – he just thinks he can put his mark on everything and own it allllllllllll – and he forgets that it’s not socially acceptable in the house.  Used in this way belly bands wrap tightly around the tummy – just in front of the hips on the guys – and the snug ‘holding’ action of the band prevent the guys from letting out a little wee to scent around the house.  You take the band off as they go outside so they can secent and wee as normal.  Used as a reminder and a training aid – he may be able to learn that it’s not allowed.  This way they learn not to scent in the house.

billy belly band

And if they never learn the difference – never mind – the band works to stop the scenting – you just have to remember to take it off as they go outside!!

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