Who’s a pretty boy then?

Not really sure if I am supposed to show you before the competition ends – but what the heck – it’s not as if we will win – but we may provide a few laughs along the way.

Yes – it’s Henry in a skirt!

the posh dog clothing company upcycled lace harness







I have entered The Makery sewing challenge 2016 – this year the theme is to upcycle a pair of old jeans.  This was a pair of my sons old black jeans – and some seriously gorgeous wide, red lace.  I have made a little pocket and trimmed it in tartan – and trimmed the lace in tartan to match – the binding is white stars on red – and all the top stitching is done in red.  It is lined with a red fleece that has a star/ snowflake type pattern.

This is more for a dog who will walk nicely on a harness (not like Henry!) – and it’s more for special occasions than everyday wear.

This is ththe posh dog clothing company relovede first of a new line called ‘Re-loved’.  I want to do more recycling with all the beautiful vintage fabric out there.


2015-02-04 01.48.192015-02-04 01.53.08


2015-02-04 01.52.58




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