Posh Dog Fleece Coats

Well I don’t know what’s the matter with the weather these days – snow forecast today they said this morning – and we have already had a spattering of hailstones the past couple of days.

I have just made a few more of the larger size fleece coats.  A bit more ‘sedate’colours – I picked up a job lot from a wholesaler clearing out.  It’s all Oddies Fleece – so it still passes the CE rules.  I have 6 lovely new designs to play with.

2014-10-10 00.43.572014-10-10 00.33.33



2014-10-10 00.38.45

2014-10-10 00.39.17



Normally at this time of year I am thinking of where to store the jumpers for the summer and what I need to do to start making for next winter.  I think this is the first time I have ever starting making for sale jumpers for May.  I am just finishing a large batch of the Weekend Jumper.  Loads of different sizes and colours made while I was testing the pattern.  They should be ready over the weekend and listed next week.

Just remember – stay snug






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