Martingale collars

Hot off the sewing machine – I am getting really good at these Martingale style collars now!

2014-10-03 01.57.07

This is the large size – fits up to a neck size of 22″ and is 2″ wide.


I have ‘tweaked’ the way the D ring on the sliding section is fixed and I am much happier with it now.

2014-10-03 01.57.17

The largest size is £14 – it takes a lot of fabric and all the hardware is big and chunky.


I am currently working out the size chat so that I can make these right down to chihuahua size.  I am always getting asked for tiny collars and I can’t find any tiny buckles that I am happy with the quality and strength – so this may be a way round it.

Fabric Martingales are wonderfully soft and kind to the dogs neck – and with all the layers of fabric and interfacing I use they are surprisingly strong!

More details will follow as I do the math 😉



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