New style top

This is a total cute overload!!!

A new style fleece top in 4 sizes.  They have a big, wide funnel necks and short sleeves – short in the body so length does not matter.  There are no fastenings to these – the dog puts this on like a proper jumper – over the head and one paw at a time into the sleeves – so perhaps not a first jumper for a wiggly puppy!

2014-09-14 03.22.28
This is the tiny size – suitable for chihuahua, yorkies, daxies,





posh dog fleece top

This is the 3rd size – big and baggy – or a smaller lab size




The weather is still pretty nippy – so poochie will still get quite a bit of wear out of these before the summer really kicks in.

Just starting to add to the shop





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