Posh Dog Poncho

A new pattern for the spring season is The Poncho.

Still very much in it’s early days of creation – this has come about from a customer request for a quick ‘pop over’ when an elderly lady had to go out on a chilly morning in the frosty garden for a ‘potty break’ – and did not want the hassle of putting on a big jumper.  (That would be the dog – not the customer!!!!)

IMG_2536I have cracked the smallest size – this is crochet – flexible – but a challenge.

It has a side opening to add extra space over the head – but one of our dog buttons to fasten the gap.  so you still get our own 2014-08-07 02.25.43little cute detail.

This one is the very first added to the shop – in the small size – with such a lovely fluffy trim.  I will add more as I do the math for the larger sizes – and the pattern will be available for you when I finish all the working – probable in the Autumn.  Told you it takes a long time!

This one is £6.50


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