Vintage patterns – and knitting them

I have quite a large (and still growing!) collection of all sorts of dog patterns – plus I write my own.  Something I love is the old vintage patterns – and they are very different to the modern patterns we have today.

I have started to re-work a really pretty 3 colour pattern
2014-07-26 23.11.37This pattern is originally from the 1960s – and it is really pretty – light and delicate.  Vintage patterns are much more technically complicated that today’s patterns – there is much more shaping with increases and darts – and they expect you to know and understand how the stitch formations work.  It has taken me a couple of attempts to crack the pattern for this – the pattern is vague to say the least.

These days we are used to a pattern being set out in a certain way – with the abbreviations used explained – and pretty much standard between patterns – evan across brands.

Tackle this – – work an offset fisherman’s rib, with a pattern row alternating a knit row – increasing every other row until you have xx stitches.

Everyone understood the system then – and you just did it!

The advantage was that the pattern I started with was about half a page of a small stitchcraft magazine – when I have finished expanding and re-writing it all – it will be 2 typed pages of A4 sheets.  – And that’s before I start working on the larger sizes!

This is the start of a new ‘Designer’ range for Posh Dog.  They will cost a little more as they are more technical – but will be so totally different to anything available in the market today.

Watch this space.

2014-07-26 23.11.46








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