Handmade Posh Dog Lead 0020.

Handmade Posh Dog Lead 0020 The first lead with the new pattern fabrics.  Doesn’t this look great?

My leads come in loads of different lengths – to allow for your height – and the height of your Handmade Posh Dog Lead 0020adog – and whether you like them really close by – or are happy for them to wonder a little.

Tie a piece of string to the D ring on the dog’s collar and experiment with different lengths to suit you.  We don’t assume you are all one size and have to put up with what you get.  If you are extra tall with  a tiny dog – you may want a longer lead – if you are shorter with a big dog – you may want less length.  Just ask and I will see what I have.

This one is 1″ wide and 38″ long – and is £8.50



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