Handmade Posh Dog Collar 0013

Handmade Posh Dog Collar 0013

This is just so super cute!

The first collars and leads made from the new Spring pattern fabrics are in work.  This little bee is so bright and happy – love him.
Handmade Posh Dog Collar 0013a

I have changed my technique slightly – and really mastered the adjustable slider.  I am working on cracking the measurements for all the different lengths / widths.

Handmade dog collar – Cotton fabric style

All the Posh Dog range is handmade in The Lake District by me. Each item is unique – the length, colours, style  vary with each collar.  Please double-check the details and length before you order to avoid disappointment.

Width:  1″ / 2.5cm
Total Length:  12″ – 19
Colour /s:  Yellow ‘Honey’ bees


I use only 100% printed cotton fabric for the collar and lead outers and a fusible, non-woven, light weight, synthetic interfacing on the back of the cotton fabric.   Interfacing is an additional layer applied to the inside to stabilise and strengthen areas.  It has an adhesive on one side which bonds permanently with the fabric.

This one id £9.50


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