Handmade Posh Dog Jumper – 026 – Country Cables.

 Handmade Posh Dog Jumper 026 Country Cables The tiny size is my most popular size.  Officially they are small Chihuahua size – but they also fit new small puppies – small cats/kittens – I have even sold them for little rabbits.

I have just completed a batch in 3 different pinks and 3 different blues for your furry pals.

Hand knitted Dog coat

Made locally in the Lake District

Suitable for a very small terrier / cat / rabbit

Total length of back to base of neck:  8″ / 19cm
Around neck: 6″  /  16cm
Around chest: 9″  /  24cm

Blue buttons one one side of the belly band – there is a strap the goes between the front legs to the chest, with a button on the front.

Measurements are very approximate – there is quite a lot of ‘give’ in these.

Machine washable on a cool wash – do not iron.

All my hand knitted dog wear has a dog shape button detail.

The tiny size in the Country Cable range is £8.50


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