Handmade Posh Dog The ‘Walkies’ Range – Wrist Strap 004

Handmade Posh Dog The'Walkies Range Wrist Strap 004



The wrist strap is the basic starter for your Posh Dog Walkies Kits. The fabric straps are made in the same way as the collars – with layers and interfacing.  A wrap-around fabric tab securely holds a split ring that you can attach all your Walkies necessities to, and slips on your wrist for security.

Add your key to the split ring – mix and match with the clip on Poo Bag Holder – the coin purse – tissue pocket – to make a handy ‘grab everything’ when you just want to run poochie round the corner to grab a newspaper. 

The colours are as shown.

approx 11″ circumference to the knitted band.

Hand rinse in cool water and hang to dry.

They are available in different patterns and colours and sell for £3.50 each.


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