Posh Dog Accessories – The Walkies Set

I don’t know about you – but when I pop round the corner with the dog all I want to grab is my door key – his poo bags – perhaps a small purse with a few coins in if I am going for a paper.  So with speed and ease in mind Posh Dog brings you ‘The Walkies Set’.

You start with a hand knitted wristband that has a ribbon woven through the pattern with a large split ring enclosed in it so you have a secure place for a key.

Posh Dog walkies wrist strap





To carry a few poo bags we have 100% cotton fabric pouches with an elastic top and a clip to attach to the ring on the wrist strap.

posh dog bag holder

They come with a roll of bags to start you off – the elastic makes it easy to add more bags.




Still in work is a small coin purse with a central zip and a clip to add to the wrist strip.  The purse if fully lined with a contrast fabric.  It’s all 100% cotton – I never use polycotton.

In the pipeline for the winter months are a little holder for a chapstick – and a pouch to hold a mini tissue pack.

You can custom build your own Walkies Set and grab everything in one go as you dash out the door.

Any suggestions for add-on accessories are welcome.


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