Handmade Posh Dog Lead 0030

Handmade Posh Dog Lead 0030

Handmade dog lead – fleece and fabric style

All the Posh Dog range is handmade in The Lake District by me. Each item is unique – the length, colours, style  vary with each item.  Please double-check the details and length before you order to avoid disappointment.

Use:  Shorter standard dog walking lead
Width:  1 1/2″ / 4cm
Total Length:  30″
 Colour /s:  Purple fleece

Purple flower ribbon

My handmade fleece and ribbon/webbing leads are lightweight – really stong – comfortable to use – washable – and really different to anything that you can pick up anywhere else.  This creation is my own brain child and exclusive to me.  lengths – patterns – colours vary all the time.  Double check the lengths and colours are what you need and grab ’em while you can.




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