Posh Dog Clothing Labels

I am absolutely delighted to announce that we now have our own Posh Dog Clothing brand labels – they are just so cool.

posh dog clothing labels


There are several different versions – with the different materials and washing instructions.

I will be adding them to the leads – harnesses – jumpers – and coats from now on – and going back to the items already made when I have time.  The really great thing is that they conform to the CE standards.  I know that I don’t have to adhere to the CE marking for these – and it can be a right pain to make sure that all your fabrics are safety compliant – but I thought that if I could achieve it for the majority of the supplies I am using it could only be a good thing – and it’s a battle I am slowly winning.

The only thing I don’t do is ‘fire test’ – mainly because it terrifies the life out of me – and I reckon that if all the bits are certificated and safe – then TS will be happy.

If you want to see my technical file when you are in the shop just ask

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